"Will the issue be resolved before the set deadline?"

Prediction markets can quantify the likelihood of meeting planned deadlines.

"Will a security vulnerability be found in the next 3 months?"

Prediction markets can discover the importance of different goals.

Prediction Markets for Software Estimation

Software estimation is hard with static story points. Predication markets are dynamic and capture aggregated insights from different people's experience and knowledge.

Prediction Markets for Unforeseen Events in Software Development

Prediction markets can ask questions on different levels of granularity, from ones related to individual issues/tasks to more high level project goals (e.g. if a new version can be released on time). With insights from prediction markets, one can focus on important operational and strategic decisions.

(just a joke)

What about private repositories, non-binary market results, Gitlab, JIRA, ...?

Currently, Pregit.io is a proof-of-concept prototype alpha version and different features are considered for its future releases. Your feedback is welcome.

What about using a cryptocurrency?

Augur and others are interesting projects. Current fees, performance and implementation make it less practical. The integration will be considered for the future releases.